Sunday, 13 November 2011

7/11/11: Email transcript from a friend in Manama-impression of general atmosphere of Eid this year.

Email transcript from a friend in Manama on 7th November 2011
Her impression of the general atmosphere of Eid this year. 
"Today suppose to be Eid, but no signs or impressions of Eid, everybody sad, people are getting mad around, today is the third day of the 70 years old funeral, usually Quran recite finalised today then marshal has started, Violent confrontations between police and protesters and attempts to run over protesters by police vehicles.
Yesterday, I was in a beauty salon, a huge women, she is sunni from her accent and of her skin color I can judge, anyhow she started chatting saying, "'what is this, we can't call it eid, everybody sad, and when I answered her : 'yes I agree but hopefully the coming days will hold better life for us'", she realised from my accent that I am from Manama and shia, she immediately left the place where we were sitting.
I knew why she has left, , most of those who participated and encouraged the Suppression of peaceful demonstrators and tortured shia are now worried after what they have seen from the world wide attitude towards the peaceful revolution..
All are afraid, will they be held accountable to what they did to us during the past months 
They believe that methodology of repression used against the protesters in the 1990s will work now to eliminate the 2011 revolution , in the 1990s they used to kill the demonstrators and buried  them in night darks, they have surprised, they never thought of Bahraini people will attracted world attention by their peaceful revolution, the new technology was not the regime friend, this is why the regime relay on the Sectarianism, but even this won't work.
Few decent Sunni are start wakeup, this is out of regime account as well.
Saudi Arabia the sectarian extremist thought always an ally of terrorism in the name of religion, its  spread out the terrorist and support them in everywhere,   Saudi play same rule in Bahrain  they participate and encourage to hit the peace revolution. 
"Mahdi Abo Deeb Activity", the activity was not completed on 4th Nov 2011, although the organizers were request a permission to conduct the activity, but as usual no response from authority, upon Nabeel Rajab arriving, the police was surrounding the villa, they again invade the villa broken the doors, and threaten the attendee if they did  not leave, they will be arrested."

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