Friday, 1 February 2013

Ireland, Austerity and Power to the People Rant

2 hours ago near Dublin  
Ireland has a responsibility to be outspoken about Human Rights more than ever (at home AND abroad!) given our recent UNHRC seat, and if our Public Representatives do not meet the will of the people on their end of the bargains; made before they were entrusted with the administration and progress of our country – it is reasonable to expect more people to take matters into their own hands, because we individually are not under the thumb of bureaucracy and constraints of diplomacy. 

Our Society must have a platform Politically OUTSIDE of Government Representatives - who are too far removed from the grievous austerity, (that has sucked the joy and life out of our great little nation), to be able to communicate with us at grass roots - where we all live - not in the ivory towers. 

Irelands answer to austerity is again proving to be closure of business, squeezing people out of self employment, disabling social enterprise, emigration and suicide. We are at War. We're just whispering about it. It is time for an initiative to stop the brain drain and use our natural resources. 

The wealth of wisdom that our senior members of society can contribute, instead of them being harvested out to 'care homes', the young, whose wonderful vibrant voices will be lost in their pursuit of sustenance in Canada, US, UK or Australia. The remnant who will be left behind are going to be burdened with continued austerity, miserable media liittering the news with woe, and deceitful banks who do not deserve the greasy coin. 

It is not too late to represent ourselves. Speak Truth to Power in whatever quiet way you dare - but don't stop trying. Ireland is a Good Country. Many made poor choices. But the sacrifices that Irish Freedom Fighters made decades ago (read your history!) are to be proud of. 

OWN your rights of Freedom of Speech, Association and Assembly. (We see so many countries with dictators who brutally suppress their people - we haven't gotten to BRUTALITY - yet). Come on Ireland! Lets get our shit together!

An Alternative would be to TAKE a moritorium on 'the loan' with stopped interest for ten years - or shut the banks for 30 days and press CTRL ALT DEL rebooting after generation of internal income and a months freeze. 

If Iceland could do it - surely we can? 

Our seas are full of fish FFS! We have bountiful land with yields of plenty, the finest produce of which is exported and we are left with the shwag vegetables and meat that Tesco charge us more for than Britain because we are such eejits that we tip our caps and accept The Paddy Tax for less choice of products, lower quality and higher prices! WTF?! 

There is a smog over Dublin because people have turned off their central heating and are using cheaper smoked coal, brought up from the countryside by benevolent relatives. We are in a shit heap. But "IRISH WIND" is a commodity! (Of OURS)

Its time to get working groups together on initiatives that are most critical so that WE CAN ADVISE THE GOVERNMENT what to do and HOW TO DO IT! On our behalf. Because guess what? They cant do it for us. Get that??? The negotiators, strategists, true economists, social planners, health workers, agricultural and business oracles are NOT IN GOVERNMENT! They are US .... eachother. 

People in Power need to do their JOBS! We put them there. While some of them are doing 'ok' / their best given the circumstances ..... the others are the flotsam of Irish Politics and are littering any potential progress we could be making with their posturing, cap tipping and ochon is ochon scamper away from accountability. 'Tribunals' be damned! 

The country needs a reboot. Have already rolled up my sleeves and keen to get cracking. Anyone who cares to join me is welcome. Maith thu. Brighter Days Ahead! #EndofRant