Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Some other thoughts....

Some other thoughts....

There is a terribly shameful competition for elbow room and funding, and a fundamental Problem w NGO groups not working in network and sharing resources when they have a common aim.

United we stand divided we fall - and bureaucracy and paperwork is costing lives when you're asked to sign an umbrella groups initiative to prove more muscle against human rights abusers .... like the oil companies, corporates and super powers who are getting off on their proxy wars - and pretending they are faith based hate wars!!

The War On Terror?? Seriously??? I've NEVER been threatened by and Arab or Persian. Whether they were Muslim or Christian .... or kept their faith as their own business!

Secondly We are entitled to Full participation in media. We are what MAKES the news ..... AND we are the living history of tomorrow - we are not the powers that OWN it...... Like Murdoch, Oil / Resource rich States ... who are PANICKING (cos the oils nearly gone!)... the UK & US Government and the bucket load of royal relics with their delusions of grandure, and multi national head honchos (in the tobacco, drink, currency, diamonds and weapons trade).

(Missing much yet? Contribution welcome! Cos EVERYONE should be screaming about it and not burying our heads in the proverbial!)

However, we read and are suckers for their advertising and their paltry portrayal of the media they want to stuff down our throats as they advertise at us ..... because we are too busy worrying about MONEYYYYY to notice!!

We demand Social inclusion in a determined and collectively powerful way ..... to challenge government. Yes. Challenge. Legally and with no hidden 'agenda', and to ensure they report to the people yearly, and be held accountable for achieving the things we committed them to doing, on their democratically agreed mandate, and to be penalised in their failings by not being returned to office and if deemed appropriate to be tried in a court of law and judged by 'the people's jury'. People, (YOUNG ones too!) Women and Men, of known good integrity and considered worthy of the position as judges, again elected by the people through the grassroots (local and then national) voting system. We get to vote on local, national and foreign policy works without tiers to voting. Everyone gets a say.

We can Deconstruct our political system and build new infrastructure without overpaid and over populated 'civil servants (Pah!) and public representatives! There are academics galore crying for work in our universities! A new political system that actually works could be agreed upon within 3 months! A tri-partite collective based on mutual participation and expertise from Civil Society/NGOs, Trade Unions and Government.

Transitional Justice Period. A respectable police force of the people, by the people and for the people.

PRSTV and STV are 'deemed' most suitable for this homogeny
(more work to be done! jump on in! ) but with preliminary Local community base voting for Local Council and Dail Reps. Based on most able CHOSEN public rep and per capita based percentage on voters balanced against like SPECIFIED contenders of same ethos - Farmers rep, Childrens Rep, Health rep, EU Rep, USA Rep, MENA, China, Russia etc not just 'foreign affairs' - openly split it up, Public works Rep, Defence Rep, MARINE, environment, Natural Resources, Gender Equality, Transport, Coffers, Diaspora liaison, Health Workers, Tourism, Irish Culture, Jobs Creation, The 32 County and Sovereignty Dept, Education, ALL based on their HISTORY, PREVIOUS PARTICIPATION, ABILITY AND VOCATION!

All mad cap and ideological...... but kicking around and ball rolling. Because I can.
Come on folks what am I forgetting? Jump on in!