Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Britains condemning a 19yo to Torture

Our neighbour - the British 'Government' I mean, are extraditing a Bahraini teenager who had escaped the island after being sentenced for alleged offences against the 'Crown'. He was perhaps at a street protest. He will definitely be tortured after he is re-arrested on arrival. He's basically in a holding cell right now in the UK, about to fly tomorrow. Probably sick with nerves. 

They cut down another 14 year old lad today. Blasted him full of 'birdshot pellets'. 

The regime poisons key suburbs, concentrating on flash points with nightly house raids and theft of people's property, random arrests, terrible physical hurt and holding people until the 'Prosecutiob' come up with 'a case against them', then brings them to court (maybe!) to accuse them publicly and rotate through the revolving door. 

One of their MPs was fecked out of government for daring to comment on the dreadful conditions in the prisons and that it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

And the prisoners? Well they're terrorised so badly that when they're offered freedom for silence, God help them for wanting to see their families so much that they 'fold' and hang their heads in shame. Few of us could hack it. That's not cowardice, it's reasonable. 

But the Baharna are Sumood! They take it for the team. Hoping the outside world will notice. My God, how can anyone believe these people are anything but peaceful when you see the thousands of them marching in their tiny island every night. Villages lit with torches. Can you imagine the smell in the air? Not spices, Tear Gas. And then there's the crack of gunfire and showers of pellets and someone's down, and they've had their eye destroyed and there's no way to go to hospital because the army commandeered it. So you're handcuffed to a bed, regardless of your condition. Then your kids see you like that, or your parents. So the underground clinics work like clockwork. 
Medical Teams are so Poorly equipped because of the Dept Defence taking the responsibility for all Pharmaceutical Purchase Orders. Guess that includes Tear Gas, being a chemical n all!

Ireland's in bed with these guys. That shames me. Oh, I'm all for Trade. But draw the line at blind siding torture please won't you? Remember a few years back? Our OWN Troubles.

Anyway, I don't know why they're called Kangaroo Courts, because it's like a conveyor belt. And these aren't Governments - they're Terrorisers, Joy Takers and Widow Makers. Set the kid free Ol England and let's hear a "Huzzah for Justice!"

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Look Around

There's so much torment on earth that I don't know where to focus anymore. Where is the root so that we can expose it and cut it away? When I remember to look at the stars I hope that Heaven is still out there and that this horror has not reached so high that Paradise too has been tainted. God seems very far away. There are pockets of Hell on Earth. How can children be born into darkness like that? How is that someone's "lot". Truly God, You are too great for me to understand Your ways. Everything diminishes before You. We are all yearning for Your Peace. Death though? Is that the release? I cannot accept that. Joy and Happiness should not be things to be achieved. Peace should not be fought for. We should not have to 'just get used to Pain'. Or accept that this is how things are. "It is what it is". "The Universe is as it should be". My mind is blown by the terrible beauty..... and the hideous depravity of our world. This is real. It's really happening. The nightmare is everywhere. But people are walking in their day-sleep. They won't look at it. So it goes on and on without relief for those condemned to have their lives squeezed out of them, being tortured by 'The Man'. We are in the midst of the Apocalypse. The Four Horsemen are on a rampage. There is much worse to come. Do your part to show tenderness and kindness to those who are suffering unfathomable hurt. Permit them their dignity and don't ignore them. You may wish you had never opened your eyes, that your innocence is so valuable to you, but how can you live with yourself in denial? How dare we? Shame on us. Be brave. Step up and discuss the awful conversations. Give voice to your feelings about #Syria #BokoHaram #MexicanCartels #Russia #Turkey #Rohingya #Genocide #RefugeeCamps #AntiShiism #Palestine #AntiSemitism #Corruption #Cancer #Homelessness #HateSpeech #Racism #WhiteCollarCrime #Pedophilia #WarRape #Torture #Slavery #FleshTrade Look around. With your inside eyes. Find the thing that matters most to you, that concerns you personally or perhaps more repugnantly than the many other things. Really take a good-long-hard LOOK at it. Once you do something will take hold of your heart. It will touch resonance somewhere. You will find your tongue. Speaking Truth to Power is our only Weapon and Your Voice is needed. Please.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

An uncomfortable duty to our children

Unless we are sadists we must gently introduce our children to the pain in the world. It is our duty to them. It helps them to be brave. And they will need it. Otherwise if you don't have equilibrium between the extremes of butterflies in fairyland and dismembered starving children in Syria, and they catch a glimpse of it online (because you can't soft kiddie police everything!), you fail. They freak out. The alternative is to prepare your children to prudently keep their head down accepting 'the white noise' of consumerism and the m€dia and technology that distracts us from questioning WAR, RAPE, TAKING YOUR OWN LIFE, HATESPEECH, THE 'BLACK MARKET', PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AND NARCOTICS TRADE, HUMAN TRAFFIC, SLAVERY, TEARGAS, SECTARIANISM, MISSING PEOPLE, DISABILITY, OUR ECOSYSTEM, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, WHITE COLLAR CRIME, CROOKED GOVERNMENTS and BAD KINGS.