Saturday, 30 August 2014

Concerned for the AlKhawaja Family in Bahrain

Concerned for the AlKhawaja Family in Bahrain. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is on Hunger Strike and has fallen unconscious a number of times in recent days. His 7 months pregnant daughter AngryArabiya Zainab AlKhawaja was arrested during the week and charged with trespassing when she tried to visit her father in Jaw prison, now sister Maryam AlKhawaja has been detained on arrival at Bahrain airport and is being taken to court tomorrow. She is demanding to see her father and has also declared a water only Hunger Strike. The reason for the distinction in terminology is that her father was on hunger strike for 100+ days last year and the regime de-legitimised it by force feeding him. He is imprisoned for life for opposing the King and the ruling family dictators. There are 13 opposition leaders jailed in Bahrain, purely for expressing their determination to have their human rights respected, democracy and an independent judiciary. The Justice 'Not' System in Bahrain is used as a tool of repression with Kangaroo Courts and the threat of jail always hanging over peoples head with no conclusion after many years. No one is afraid of jail in Bahrain any more. They are not afraid of the certain torture. The people protest enmasse every Friday, 100,000 of them, a fifth of the population - and what media covers it? None. And these protests are always peaceful. Despite that they are fired at by foreign mercenaries using shot guns, countless young men have lost their eyes because of this and the tear gas which is shot at head height in direct contravention of international protocols for crowd control methodology. Tear Gas which is proven to be 10x stronger than regular CS gas is used as a constant deterrent to keep people off the streets and causes multiple deaths in the elderly and infirm and a swathe of miscarriages since Feb 2011. PLEASE SHARE and humiliate these sinister oppressors and urge others to do the same. #FreeAlKhawaja #FreeThe13 #Bahrain