Friday, 19 September 2014

Human Rights Abuse in Ireland & 'privatising' Police

That was a mad and striking front pager in The Irish Times the other day. Who are these new patrolmen?  The "GARDA" have written on their caps PUBLIC ORDER - not Gardai or Garda Siochana ....... which means Guardian of The Peace. 4 men with one woman!! Stripping her of dignity, abusing her and detaining her arbitrarily.

But if you see the photo there is a handful of civilians in the top right of the pic and a wall of these police on the left in their ice hockey masks. And what does one of the editors of the paper say? At least we're not Belgium! Or UKRAINE!

The Irish Govt won't use our own police against us. These beasts are all foreign. ("You are now entering 'Free Ireland!'") British trained mercenaries. 

The symbolism of them dragging away a woman in IRELAND is huge. Our national symbol is a statue of 'Mother Ireland', she was in all our propaganda for years. In all our poetry. 

And Scotland lost a war yesterday against Britain. 

I hear men talking about striking a deal to rejoin the commonwealth! WTF? 

Women gave their husbands and sons for our civil liberties and to be recognised as equals and to own our own land. They took our religion, our national colours, our ability to read or educate our children, and our monks had preserves European history in calligraphy! They pulled our language out of our lungs and stuffed their alien tongue down our throats. They took our food for their wars invading other countries and expanding the Empire, using slaves like domestics animals. Who were they? The British Establishment. With a Monarch at its head. 

Yes I am anti imperialist. Whether it's Holland or Spain or Britain or Bahrain. Out with the Kings and Queens. Out with preposterous gangsters in Government. This IS chaos! I must be An Anti Anarchist! How hard to yield to the Empire. 

Europeans are not like any other in the world, they bend. Is that democracy? 'They see sense'. This wouldn't go unchallenged in Ferguson or Egypt or Turkey. Perhaps because theres a potential for alcohol to play a role and The Picts will come out to play! 

So this is how demonstrators are treated in Ireland. It's ok to have freedom of expression outside government buildings when it's about injustice in another country ...... but say nothing about Mother Ireland and the Celtic Tiger who ate her own Cubs.

And our own police force is up for hire!