Friday, 15 January 2016

Blinding White Oscars

Anyone who knows me can understand why I'm so incredibly proud of Irish Film and the Irish nominees at the #Oscars this year. So it is really deeply personally upsetting to me as a Human Rights Defender that I must write this. 
I am duty bound. 

Although I'm #Irish I won't be watching #OscarSoWhite. It might blind me! 

Poor Chris will be the only non milky skinned actor standing on the night.

History told me that #NoBlacks and #NoIrish need apply. So this is my small act of #Solidarity

#OscarsSoWhite #PeopleOfColour #PeopleOfColor #Racism #ChrisRock #irishFilm 

The irony of 'Cardinal sin', I mean opinion!

Cardinal says gay couples shouldn't be invited to family gatherings if children are present. - That's very ironic now altogether isn't it? Maybe priests should stop saying mass, and doing christenings, weddings, funerals, communions and confirmations, and incidentally ........being asked for their opinion!! Or maybe gay people can go along and pretend they're single, or wear long black dresses and red hats and white collars? 
Or hang on ........ paedophiles, what about that? Shall we spotlight them too just so there's no one who feels left out. Fascism should be added to the litany of accusations against the church methinks. (Note: I am not naive enough to pretend this is the opinion of all priests, nor that all priests are paedophiles...... or gay with a licentious eye on little boys......... and I feel sorry for the men who thought being a priest was a good idea to help the world, in all good faith and with a clear conscience, and who are now tarred with a terrible black brush. Sucks to be you guys......... but I do think you're in the minority!) 
Someone commented to me that it's another #Cardinal on the Popes #Shitlist 😂😂😂 
In answer to a critic:
We are #Irish over here and what they did in #Ireland was both #criminal and #heinous. God will forgive them but we won't forget. They often caused what may be considered #deviance from what is 'the norm' in our country. They tortured children. They murdered them. They contained single mothers for decades in slavery and forcibly removed their children from them. Then they sold those infants for inter country adoptions to whoever paid well, to hospitals for medical experimentations or the farmers who used them as child labourers to pick stones in the fields. Or sent them to children's homes where they remained for their young lives in centres of rampant abuse. As a human rights defender, freedom of religion is high on my agenda, as is children's rights. I have evidence for my claims here. There is no human way to justify that or excuse it. I leave that with Almighty God. 

I must add that they removed the ability for thousands of Good Catholics in #Ireland to continue their fellowship in the Catholic community because of what they did and how it was covered up and are the direct cause for many people being unable to have ANY relationship to God or to Jesus or to any monotheistic deity because they USED God and their respected power as clergy to do the horrible deviant things that they did by way of explanation to their victims. I acknowledge that in the eyes of the church I am wrong. Common human sense tells me otherwise, my relationship with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit is stronger than ever but I certainly don't need someone to guide me who themselves belongs to the wealthiest private enterprise in the world that absorbs molesters, rapists and paedophiles. I doubt many people in Ireland disagree with that. We are managing to be sheep outside the fold and it suits us better. As does non denominationism, anti sectarianism, tolerance and respect for other faiths and care for humanity at large. Per capita we are the most renowned country to give aid inspite of a largely corrupt government, failed health system, struggling education system, homelessness and economic crisis. We practise, we don't need tolerate or deserve to be preached at

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome 2016! Happy New Year!

Hello 2016. Welcome to you. Thank you for bringing the opportunity to continue helping people, to ease some pain, to assist the struggle for liberty, to raise awareness of anguish and suffering so there can be relief and justice for voiceless communities, to contribute to the plight of others for self determination and dignity, to encourage respect for equality, to be gentle with those who need some tenderness, to remember that we are all just trying to LIVE and that tolerance is a beautiful thing.
I wish all of the people who's lives I am touching every imaginable blessing of peace and joy, health and sufficiency for them and their families, and that they are spared from tragedy.
My New Years resolution is to be a better me without being critical of myself and to spread more warmth, give more hugs, and encourage more people to follow their dreams too.
I'm looking forward to this!